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About Us

      It is a glorious occasion. You may be expecting! And 1st Look HD Ultrasound wants to celebrate this special moment with you and your family. We pride ourselves on making your visit special, and memorable. Our highly accredited and passionate staff are dedicated in making this an experience to enjoy. Our goal is for you to feel relaxed and comfortable from the moment you walk through the door. We have created an inviting and spacious environment to experience the joy of seeing and hearing your baby. Regardless the stage in your pregnancy, we are honored to be part of this moment and to accommodate your needs. This visit may be the first time finding out you and your partner are expecting or revealing the gender! Perhaps, streaming your visit live with love ones that cant be present during the visit.  Just witnessing your baby's development in a HD version creates an even stronger bond for everyone in your child’s life.

  1st Look HD Ultrasound is the first and only independent, privately-owned, elective, non-diagnostic prenatal 3D/4D/HD Live Ultrasound Imaging Studio in Highland Park IL serving Lake and Cook County residents. We are located

616 Laurel Ave, Highland Park, IL 60035

Give someone a gift with everlasting memories! 

2D Ultrasound Packages

#1 Pregnancy Confirmation
#2 2D Gender Reveal
6-12 Weeks in Pregnancy
14 + Weeks in Pregnancy

           Let us confirm your pregnancy and hear your baby’s 1st Heart Beat!

  • Pregnancy Verification

  • 2D Prints

  • Hear 1st heartbeat

  • 15 min Session

  • $50.00


                    * This does not take the place of your medical 1st trimester ultrasound.*

               Boy or Girl? Allow us to confirm baby's gender in 2D

  • Gender Determination

  • 2D prints

  • Hear 1st heartbeat

  • Phone App w/all Images
    -Upgrade to USB w/video clips for $15

  • 20 min Session

  • $80


                        *Higher accuracy rate after 14 weeks.* 

3D/4D HD Live Packages

#1 3D 1st Look
20 -31 weeks in Pregnancy
#2 HD Ultra
24-31 Weeks in Pregnancy

                    1st Look at your baby in 3D

  • 2D and 3D prints

  • Phone App w/all Images
    -Upgrade to USB w/video clips for $15

  • Hear Heart Beat

  • 25 min session

  • $100

                   1st look at your baby's features in 3D-4D view


  • 2D and 3D prints 

  • Phone App w/all Images
    -Upgrade to USB w/video clips for $15

  • Heartbeat recorded on a device

  • upgrade small bear for $20

  • 30 min session

  • $135


#3 Ultra-Live
24-31 Weeks in Pregnancy

3D, 4D, and HD Live to see your baby in stunning realistic detail

  • 2D and 3D prints

  • Phone App w/all Images
    -Upgrade to USB w/video clips for $15

  • Heartbeat recorded on a device 

  • Small Huggable Bear

  • -upgrade to large bear for $25

  • 30+ min session

  • $175




616 Laurel Ave

Highland Park, IL 60035


Tel: 224-551-5783

10% Military Discount

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