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1st Look HD Ultrasound is here to serve you.  We have extended our ultrasound service hours to make ourselves more available during these challenging times.


Don't let overbooked ultrasound facilities and clinics get in the way of checking on your baby.

Visit us for a ultrasound wellness checkup today.

Here to Serve You

2D Ultrasound Packages

Pregnancy Confirmation
2D Gender Reveal
8 -12 Weeks in Pregnancy
15+ Weeks in Pregnancy

           Let us confirm your pregnancy and hear your baby’s 1st Heart Beat!

  • Pregnancy Verification

  • 2D Prints

  • Record or go Live during Session

  • Photo Gallery sent via email 10 images

  • Hear Baby's 1st heart beat

  • 1 Free return visit if 1st visit unsuccessful

  • 15 min Session

  • $75.00

Boy or Girl? Allow us to confirm baby's gender in 2D

  • Gender Determination

  • 2D prints

  • Photo Gallery sent via email 20+ images

  • Record or Go Live during Session

  • Hear Baby's heart beat

  • 1 Free return visit if 1st visit unsuccessful

  • 20 min session

  • $100



    * This does not take the place of your medical 1st trimester ultrasound.*
2D Wellness Check
*Higher accuracy rate after 15.5 weeks.* 
Add $50.00 to any package for Twins
Hear your baby's heart beat,  see your baby move and give yourself a peace of mind in any stage of your pregnancy
  • Hear heart beat

  • 10 min session

  • $50


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


3D/4D HD Live Packages

3D 1st Look
18-35 weeks in Pregnancy

1st Look at your baby in 3D and reveal the gender as early as 18 weeks in pregnancy.  

  • Gender determination 

  • 2D and 3D prints

  • Photo Gallery sent via email 20+ images

  • Record or go Live during Session

  • 1 Free return visit if 1st visit unsuccessful

  • Heartbeat Recorded on heart shape device

  • 25 min session

  • $150

    • Upgrade to Small Bear $25

 HD Ultra
24-35 Weeks in Pregnancy

1st look at your baby's  detailed features & movements in 3D & 4D/ HD Live. 


  • 3D and 4D prints 

  • Witness Live baby movements

  • Photo Gallery sent via email 20+ images

  • Record or go Live during Session

  • 1 Free return visit if 1st visit unsuccessful

  • Small bear w/recorded Heart Beat

  • 30+ min session

  • $175

    • Upgrade to USB for live video clips $15

24-35 Weeks in Pregnancy

Witness your baby in 2D, 3D, 4D and HD live to see stunning realistic details and live movements.


  • 3D and 4D prints

  • Witness Live baby Movements

  • Photo Gallery and Live recorded Video clips on USB 

  • Record or go Live during Session

  • Large Huggable Bear w/Recorded Heart Beat

  • 1 Free return visit if 1st visit unsuccessful

  • 35 min session​​

  • $200


3D Wellness Check

18-35 Weeks in Pregnancy

Give yourself a peace of mind and see your baby's features in realistic 3D technology.

  • 2D and 3D

  • Hear heart beat

  • 2 prints

  • 15 min session

  • $125 *SALE* $80.00


 Mrs. Navarro

Owner & Ultrasound Tech.ARDMS 

   Founder & Owner, Felicita Navarro began 1st Look HD Ultrasound with a mission in mind. Her vision started early in her medical career when she was pregnant and experienced her first 3D ultrasound. It was such an amazing experience that it became her life goal to become an Ultrasound Tech to give other expecting mothers that same warm feeling. This idea of hers evolved into her own facility, “1st Look HD Ultrasound.” Felicita’s mission is to offer quality diagnostic and non-diagnostic ultrasound services to expecting mothers at an affordable price, and at their convenience. In addition to her license as an ARDMS Diagnostic Ultrasound Technician, she has over 20 years’ experience in the medical field, and has worked with many physicians during prenatal care. Felicita is naturally kindhearted and adheres to the needs and wants of her clients. In every visit, you should expect to have an amazing, stress free experience, with a fully engaged technician. She will let you hear your baby's heartbeat, where it can also be recorded as a keepsake heart shaped device that you can stuff in a teddy bear. I will let you watch your baby in 2D, 3D and 4D realistic images as well as live video clips as they put on a show. I can confirm your pregnancy and see gender as early as 14 weeks. These are the special moments that you cannot get at your normal prenatal visits and she is the only 3D facility in Lake County.

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