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HIPPA Consent Form

None of our packages take the place of your medical ultrasound! 1st Look HD Ultrasound & Photography Studio LLC, is not a medical facility, we cannot offer medical advice. You must be under the care of an OBGYN at the time you book your appointment to utilize our services. You will undergo medical screening and a diagnostic ultrasound for your due date and fetal anomalies with your healthcare provider. You acknowledge and agree that our Ultrasound are for entertainment purposes only.


We have ARDMS certified and ARDMS eligible techs with special training in HD technology and gender confirmation at 14 weeks. We cannot guarantee your baby will cooperate at the time of your visit, we will do our best to make this special (we have some techniques that may help). If for whatever reason we can not get the best images, we would welcome you back at a later visit within 10 days from your appointment and retry (same rule applies for gender determination). We are not liable for incorrect gender reveals. Furthermore, you agree and acknowledge that no guarantee can be made for gender and image quality due to circumstances beyond the control of 1st Look HD Ultrasound & Photography Studio LLC. There will be no refunds due to the nature of the service.


1st Look HD Ultrasound & Photography Studio are not responsible for any damages to digital storage devices and baby app link once you leave our facility. We do test our products with you before leaving to make sure they are working. Any appointment and reservation action taking on our website or our location will automatically act as a binding legal agreement between you and 1st Look HD Ultrasound, LLC. That you agree to our terms of service. 1st Look Ultrasound & Photography Studio is in compliance with HIPPA policy and procedures. We will not disclose any information without your approval, the only information we would share would be to contact your physician or our Radiologist if we find any abnormalities.


You will receive services to fulfill your selected package (based on the pregnancy period you are in at the time of the scheduled appointment). Additional services may be included if requested and paid in full. Keepsake gifts may be included with your package and additional keepsakes gifts may be purchase within 30 days of the visit. If the scheduled visit is to be live-streamed and accompanied by 3rd parties (family and friends) that 1st Look HD Ultrasound & Photography Studio may give access to the ultrasound within the visit. All photos and keepsakes are not to be administered unless authorized.

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